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Kendall County Criminal Defense Attorney

Anyone charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense should speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney, immediately, to ensure their rights are protected. From the moment you are arrested and charged with a felony, all criminal proceedings must follow a set of rules within the criminal justice system that allows criminal defendants due process of the law.

At McAdams & Sartori, LLC, our law firm represents clients who have been charged with misdemeanor and felony crimes in Yorkville, Illinois, and Kendall and Kane counties. Our priority is to ensure your rights are protected and that you receive the best possible results at every stage in all criminal proceedings. Contact us, at 630-553-1313, for an initial consultation.

Probable Cause in Criminal Defense Cases

Every criminal defense case is different. There are many variables that can work for you or against you depending on the degree of the crime and the amount of evidence the State can present before a judge. The first step is in proving there was probable cause to commit a crime. Probable cause is determined at a preliminary hearing, and if the judge presiding over your case determines there was probable cause to commit the crime, your case would then go to trial.

At McAdams & Sartori, LLC, our attorneys work hard to ensure our clients understand their rights and the legal options available to them. Whether a client chooses to plead guilty or not guilty is up to them, but we always try to negotiate the best deal that will have positive results.

Our law firm can provide experienced criminal defense representation for homicide, felonies, misdemeanors, juvenile crimes, DUIs, Secretary of State Hearings, and traffic cases.

Contact Our Criminal Defense Attorneys

Contact McAdams & Sartori, LLC in Yorkville, Illinois, if you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime. Call 630-553-1313 to schedule a consultation today. We serve clients in Kendall County, Kane County, and including but not limited to Yorkville, Plainfield, St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, North Aurora, South Elgin, Yorkville, Aurora, Oswego, Plano, Sugar Grove, Montgomery, Boulder Hill and Bristol.

674 W. Veterans Parkway, Yorkville, IL 60560

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